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SLA 99,9%


SLA Guarantee for Web Hosting and Servers

Cowabi guarantees 99.9% availability for Web Hosting and Servers monthly. In the event that this warrancy is not reached, the customer will be compensated according to the following criteria:

  • From 100.00% to 99.9%: Without compensation.
  • Less than 99.9%: 1 day of compensation for every 0.15% (~ 1 hour) of unavailability.

The maximum compensation will be 30 days per calendar month. You can see the current status of your Hosting from aquí.

How to request my compensation?

To request compensation, you must open a support ticket indicating the unavailability of your Hosting or Server.

When our Support Team validates this compensation, you will have 30 calendar days to accept it from your control panel, accessing My Services => Hosting.


The following cases will not be counted as unavailability:

  • Scheduled maintenance with more than 15 days in advance.
  • Incorrect server configuration by the client.
  • Non-Cowabi problem (provider network problem)